Thursday, June 30, 2005

Friends' Bands

It seems like everyone I know has a band. (Good, bad, and ugly) And I have to go see their shows to support them. I went last night to see a friend from high school play - and how relieved was I when they were good? Check them out:
The Honey Brothers

It's like all my standup comedian friends - 9 times out of 10, they're funny - but the 20 other people going up and doing five minutes that night aren't. And then your stuck with no laughs and a 30 dollar bill for 2 drinks.


nin said...

nice posting.....keep it up.....take care....

KidVideo said...

Yes, I know of the relief of which you speak. Another cool thing about the honeybrother's gig is that they actually went on close to the time they said they would. There's nothing I hate more than hanging in a sweltering basement "venue" for hours, listening to nameless bands run late, clutching a warm beer and bumping up against NYU students. Unless I'm in your company, of course.

The Hazzards said...

Is it possible that you have friends in *another* ukulele band?

Haven't seen you in 100 years! I hope you're doing well. I like your blog.