Sunday, February 28, 2016

Flat Clara...Flat Mommy.

First a disclaimer.  I had and still have no idea what Flat Stanley was or is.  A quick internet search informs me it's a child's book about a kid named Stanley Lambchop who is squashed as flat as a pancake when a bulletin board falls on him. He remains flat and goes on to be mailed in envelopes in order to visit his friends (for the insanely cheap price of a postage stamp) as well as being able to slide under doors.

I first heard about Flat Stanley when Clara's nursery school class voted to learn more about the post office when asked about which neighborhood building they would like to learn more about.  Losers included: The Library, The Police Station, and School.  Clara quickly became obsessed with mail.  She would draw pictures and clamor for envelopes and stamps,  and when she couldn't wait to get it in the mailbox, she would put it directly into our apartment mailbox for me to find upon my return, or sometimes just put it on the dining room table.

Her first attempt...addressed to Mom.
The contents of her letter.
A more sophisticated attempt.
 Clearly, sophisticated mail requires a hand drawn stamp in EACH corner.
Post Office/Flat Stanley fever escalated and the kids made their own "Flat" versions of themselves.  The teachers asked us to provide addresses of friends who lived far away for our children to send their "Flat" people to.  Our friends would then send photos of the "Flat" people visiting landmarks back to the classroom for the kids to discuss and learn about.

I tapped two of my friends for the challenge.  My friend Kim lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State.  I asked Kim's daughter Lucy to show Flat Clara a good time and she did.  Apparently Flat Clara really likes castles, dragons and unicorns.  (Interestingly, Real Clara does as well.) Bainbridge Island is fantastically magical!
Flat Clara meets a unicorn and wears a necklace.
Flat Clara meets a dragon at the castle.
I then tapped my friend Ailsa who lives in London to also participate in the Flat Stanley project.  She enthusiastically agreed, and until I received the photos from the adventure, I assumed that Clara had made another Flat Clara to go overseas.  Generously, Clara decided that Flat Mommy deserved a trip to London.  Apparently you need a hat whilst in London (it does rain there a lot, bird) but not any pants - clearly just a shirt will suffice. And you mustn't appear too impressed by the wonders of London - hence Flat Mommy's skeptical expression.   That being said, I am absurdly touched that Clara sent a Flat Mommy out into the world. 

Flat Mommy and a famous Double Decker Bus in Piccadilly Circus.
Flat Mommy riding in  a famous London black cab.
Flat Mommy having tea.

Thanks to Kim, Lucy and Ailsa for hosting Flat Clara and Flat Mommy.