Saturday, February 03, 2018

Clara and Freya and what they do.

 It's fun watching how much Clara influences Freya.  Freya seems to jump in leaps and bounds simply to keep up with a sister that is 2 years older than her.  

Clara enjoys telling jokes and has a natural sense of timing that often makes me laugh.  Freya likes the idea of people laughing but doesn't really get what the structure of a joke is.

Like these attempts:

Freya: Knock Knock?

Me: Whose there?

Freya: Clowns.

Me: Clowns who?

Freya: Ba-DONGY FACE!!!! (laughs hysterically)

Now, you may think - that makes no sense.  But we have The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak to thank for that "Ba-Dongy Face" zinger punchline. This is a book that Clara had recently begun reading out loud to her sister.

I have also been known to answer Clara's: "Guess what?" With: "Chicken Butt."  which made Clara laugh.  I watched Freya examining this exchange and trying to dissect why this might be funny which lead to weeks of her endlessly trying out the joke and expecting laughter, which she got. (of course)

They play a lot together and fight sometimes.  As you do.  There most recent obsession, aided and abetted by Gerald, is fort-making in their room.  They build elaborate forts in their room and hang out underneath in the semi-gloom and talk and play.  I have to admit their forts are a lot more impressive than my attempts as a child with Becky which consisted of sitting in Becky's closet with the door shut.

Clara has become interested in the idea of allowance, and earning allowance with chores. (setting the table, keeping toys off the floor of her room, and wiping off the bathroom sink, in case you were wondering) Clara loves counting her money and talking about what she's going to spend it on.  And this too, has somehow trickled down to Freya.

The other night - 4 or 5 am - Freya came into our bedroom.  She whispered:

Freya: Hey...Mom.  Mom.  I have a question.

Me: What is it?

Freya: What's a quarter?

Me. 25 cents.

Freya: Oh.
 (a beat, then she leaves and puts herself back to sleep.)

The next night Freya woke Gerald and simply said: "It's 25 cents." before leaving the room and going back to bed.

They are endlessly entertaining and I can't wait to see what they get into next.

Clara teaching her sister about snow angels.

They found finger lights and put them in their noses.
Freya at her toddler class.

Clara at a school event. She made a dragon for Freya too.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I love Halloween. 2017

It is no secret that I love Halloween.  Always have, always will...and what I love about being a parent is that I can instill that same rabid loyalty to the excitement of Halloween in my children.  This year I had Clara decide on her costume in the beginning of September - I need time to plan these things, people!

All summer Clara had wanted to be Powerpuff girls.  Clara, Freya and I would be the Powerpuff Girls and Gerald would be the villain, Mojo Jojo.  But in a surprise turnaround, Clara decided we would all be Trolls after watching and falling in love with the Trolls movie.  Clara would be the heroine, Poppy Troll, Freya would be the Justin Timberlake Troll -Branch, and Gerald and I would be Background Trolls.  

Over the weeks I began cobbling together their costumes, and took on the task of making the wigs because everything I could find for sale looked stupid and expensive.  When October 1st rolled around, I surprised Clara with a Halloween Countdown Calendar which stoked the embers of excitement into flame.  Freya even joined in practicing saying things like: "Happy Halloween!"  "Trick or Treat?" and "Hee hee hee, I'm a witch!"  It was awesome.

Finally the big day arrived - we were ready - and as usual - it's nearly impossible to get a family picture, especially one where Freya keeps her wig on - but here are the results of months of work.
Freya is not pleased about the wig.
Clara as Poppy Troll.
Gerald and Branch.
Background Trolls.

I host  a Pre-Trick or Treating Halloween Party for the kids in our building.  This year I went with a witch theme - I invented 2 games - throw gooey eyeballs into a witches cauldron, and the Witch's Gauntlet which involved throwing glow rings over obstacles - witches legs, a black cat,flickering candles, and a witch's hat.  Both games were very popular.

Cauldron, bowl of eyeballs on the side.
Witch's Gauntlet.

Then it was time to Trick or Treat.  Clara's friend Sara was there as well as their cousin Fred and his parents, Becky and Dustin.  The only person I know who like Halloween more than me is my sister Becky - their family costume took it to a whole new level.  I present to you Fred as Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc, Dustin as Sully, and Becky as Boo's Closet door.  Come on People!

 As we tromped around the building knocking on doors, enthusiastic neighbors got into the spooky spirit. 
Babette chased us down because we missed her door.
Trick- or - Spider Man!
Nightmare Nurse!
All in all it was another Halloween for the record books.  Though I have notcied a pattern in Halloween costumes Freya may want to remedy next far all three of her Halloween's Freya has been a sidekick to Clara's star attraction...and a boy.

Year One: Clara - Princess Anna, Freya- Olaf.
Year Two: Clara - Snow White, Freya- Dopey
Year Three: Clara -  Poppy Troll, Freya Branch Troll.

What will next year bring? Only the ghosts and the goblins know.

Freya and Clara.
Poppy Troll and Sky From Paw Patrol.
Freya and Fred get some candy.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sesame Street - 2nd Generation

Last week Gerald and I had the amazing opportunity to take Clara to visit the set of Sesame Street thanks to my old friend (and puppeteer) Tyler Bunch. There was so much nostalgia to this visit.  There aren't many shows that have been on the air since Gerald and I were kids that are still on and relevant to our children.  As fate would have it...and our parents differing industry connections to Sesame Street, both Gerald and I had the opportunity to visit the set as children - and now here we were...30+ years later taking our daughter.

When we walked onto the set the first thing I saw was Big Bird's nest.  Come ON!!!  I love Big Bird!

 The next thing I saw was the sign for Mr. Hooper's store.  The day Becky and I visited the set as children was the day after the actor playing Mr. Hooper died.  It was a quiet, somber set but I remember walking around in absolute wonder. 

I was about 6 years old when I visited, Gerald was younger - and had some real insider access, as he was allowed to take a photo sitting inside Oscar's trash can.  He wasn't so lucky this time, but we did find out that it is one of 2 pieces of set that are original and date back to our childhood.

Gerald then.

Gerald now.

The other piece of set that is original are the brownstone steps leading up to the 123 entry door.  The only photo I know of from my visit to sesame street is on these same steps...and Clara got a photo too.

Clara - 2017.
Becky and I circa 1982.

And then the real magic happened - Tyler had told me before that there was no guarantee that we would be able to meet any of the characters - which was fine - my head was already spinning with childhood glee.  From the back we watched a scene being filmed with Abby Cadabby, Grover (MY FAVORITE!!!!), Mr. Johnson, and Rudy (Abby's younger brother), and real person Chris.  

We watched them film the scene - during a short break I suddenly heard Abby say: "Hey, you, I like you're skirt - it's just like mine." And I realized Abby was talking to CLARA!!!!!   Ahhhhh!  And just like that Abby and Grover and Rudy came over to talk to Clara and give her lots of hugs.  

I restrained myself from hugging Grover and crying and instead took some photos of this momentous occasion.  As you can see - Clara was a little stunned by all the attention.

A short while later after we saw some of the behind the scenes stuff we walked back on set.  Abby swooped in and took Clara's hand and walked her over to her Fairy Garden. They sat together and talked for a long time.  I cannot express how awe inspiring it was to watch this interaction between a happy-go-lucky pink fairy and my most precious little girl.

It is something I will never forget and I am forever grateful to have gotten to experience the magic of Sesame Street as a child, an adult, and a mother.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Conversations with Clara...Movie Night.

One of the best parts of having an older kid is introducing them to movies you loved as a kid.  The first one I tried with Clara was Labyrinth, and it went over like gangbusters.  Come on - strong protagonist young girl goes up against and defeats the Goblin King to save her baby brother? And the Goblin King is David Bowie?  Clara was going to love it - and she did and has now watched it ten times.

The other night we watched The Neverending Story.  Clara had some critiques about this movie from the beginning.

For example - when introduced to the Rock-eater, Tiny and his Racing Snail, and the Night-hob and his flying Bat,  Clara asked: Why are all the people in Fantasia so ugly?  Isn't this a fantasy?

Clara was also immediately impressed by the bravery of the child Atreyu. (I fast forwarded through the whole horse dying in the swamp part when Clara was in the bathroom)   I started to talk to her about how much I like Atreyu as a character, and she held up her hand to correct me.

Clara: "'s a girl."

Me: No - Atreyu is a boy."

Clara: No, she's a girl.

Clara never wavered on this point - never mind that Atreyu runs around most of the movie without a shirt on, only a loose vest.  I guess ladies in Fantasia have different ideas about modesty...and nipple coverage.

Clara also had some harsh words to say about the title of the film.  

Clara: Why is it called that? Where is the Neverending Story?  What does that even mean?  This movie should be called "The Wolf in Fantasia's Fight" or "The Nothing."

All strong points, Clara.

In the end, though, Clara absolutely loved the movie which made the little girl in me dance for joy.

I'm just waiting for Clara to be old enough for The Dark Crystal and The Last Starfighter. And of course, Newsies.

Clara teaching Freya how to Hide in "Hide and Seek"

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Conversations with Clara. Episode 13. (Freya joins in)

Clara recently turned five years old. She had been obsessed with turning five for months and was crazily over-excited as the big day approached.  The Friday before her birthday I brought in cake for her summer camp class and  everyone sang her happy birthday.  I left and came back later that day to pick her up.

To preface, this was not her last day of camp - she still had 3 more weeks.  But apparently this was the speech she made to her class:

"I will miss all of you.  I've had a great time at camp but this is my last day...because I am five years old now and I have to start Kindergarten tomorrow."

It took some explaining on my part but happily, Clara was excited to be returning to summer camp.

A few nights ago Gerald was having a conversation with Clara about a lot of things. She had a lot of questions.  In the context of the conversation Gerald asked her:

"Clara, do you know what prayers are?"

Clara looked askance at her dad, as if to say: Seriously?

Clara replied: "Of COURSE I know.  They're the things that chase after the prey."

Freya has recently joined in with some clever conversation. The best part about having a big sister is that you pick up all your big sister's idioms in a quest to become older than your 22-month old self, while you run around chasing after said Big Sister.

I will give Freya a turn to choose what she would like to watch on TV. 

Me: Freya, what would you like to watch?

Freya, ponders very seriously, tapping her finger on her chin.

Freya: Hmmmm.  Let's see...How about....Ubble Guppies?

There is also a big poster of happy campers at the entrance to Clara's summer camp.  Freya likes to stop and look at them.  She asks me: Who's that? Who's that?  But she also talks to the poster.  She said quite seriously the other day:

"Hello.  I'm Freya." (pointed to herself, then turned to point at me) "This is my mama."

Glad the poster and I have been officially introduced.

Parachute play.

Cooling off.

Dressed as a superhero.