Sunday, June 26, 2016

Growing Up, Moving Up, Standing Up.

Clara has had an action packed June. For months Clara has been talking about being a Flower Girl in her Aunt Margaret's wedding, and finally the day arrived.  Clara an I had many discussions about what an important job she had at her aunt's wedding.  We discussed dresses and shoes and when Clara decided she wanted to wear a red dress I told her: Margaret's the boss of this wedding so what she says goes. Clara got to choose between two pink dresses and she (predictably) chose the one with more sparkles.  Knowing what a flower girl does in the abstract is a lot different then the reality.  At the wedding rehearsal Clara was frozen by the enormity of her task.  She refused to walk by herself and it was quickly decided that Gerald would walk with her during the ceremony.

Gerald giving worried Clara a hug at the wedding rehearsal..
The next day Clara seemed thrilled by everything.  We visited the bride and the bridesmaids while they were getting ready.  I did not have high hopes that Clara would consent to having her hair and makeup done but after she watched the other women getting prettied up she decided that they all looked like Disney princesses and she wanted to look like one too.  Bridesmaid Jess looked like Aurora to her and her Aunt Margaret was Cinderella. Clara wanted in on that action. While we all looked on Clara got her hair done and then her makeup.  The makeup artist showed Clara a palette of lipsticks and asked her to choose one.  Clara authoritatively chose the most crimson shade of red she could find.   No pastel pink for this little girl.  All prettied up, Clara was ready to go.

Clara and the crimson lipstick.
Showing us her make up.
The bridal party looks on.
At the wedding, Clara went off with her Dad to get ready for "the show," as she called it.  Freya and I waited with the wedding guests for it all to start.  You would never know that less then 24 hours earlier Clara had been scared and shy.  She was the most professional and beautiful flower girl her totally unbiased mother had ever seen.

Doing her "flower girl" thing like a pro.
Just a few weeks later, Clara had her Moving Up ceremony at school.  Back in the day, we only had graduations when we left I can vividly recall my 8th grade graduation, my high school graduation, and my college graduation.  These days, you start graduating at 3 years old and you call it "Moving Up."  I am not ashamed to admit I teared up a little as Clara's class took the stage to sing two songs.  Clara took center stage and sang her heart out. No trace of butterflies for this little girl.  She was totally into it.
Waving to her parents as she takes the stage, 
Clapping choreography.
Hugging choreography.
After the songs each child was called onto the stage  one by one to walk over a small mountain and "move up" to next year.  Needless to state, Clara nailed it.

Moving up.
In the Fall Clara starts at a new school in Pre-Kindergarten.  The events of June have had a lasting impact on Clara.  It's incredible to watch this little person take on every new challenge life throws her way.  

In other news, Freya is ten months old and almost walking, much to her parents dismay (I mean delight!)  She has 2 little teeth and her favorite activities are cruising all over the apartment, crawling as fast as lightning and saying:  "DaDAdadadadaDa."  She would also like to do whatever Clara is doing at any given moment and Clara usually obliges.

At the playground.
Taking a breather after chasing this 18 month old all over the library.
Watching the wedding rehearsal.
Thinking about walking over to the coffee table.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

On Her Feet.

As if it isn't enough that Freya has been crawling since she was 7 months old, she has the sheer audacity to start pulling up at nine months, and if THAT wasn't enough, a few days later she's cruising along the furniture. It's wonderful and heart-stopping at the same time.  You would think having Clara would have prepared me for this but nooooooo. Clara waited until she was a sensible 10 and a half months to start crawling, pulling up, and cruising.  Just who does little miss Freya think she is?  

Oh right...she's a little sister.  And her mission in life is to get over to Clara and see what she's doing. This is all Clara's fault for being so interesting,and funny. Clara's main goal in life seems to be making Freya cackle with laughter...and trying to teach her things with varying degrees of success. Though a few days ago Clara actually did teach Freya to clap while I was in the kitchen putting away dishes.  From the living room I hear Clara telling Freya how to clap and then shortly after Clara's excited yells of: "She's doing it! She's clapping!"  I rushed in, and indeed - Freya was clapping, eyes glued to Clara looking for her approval.
Freya, just standing around.
The two girls share a room now and maneuvering through the minefield called "bedtime" with an almost 4 year old and a 9 month old can be perilous.  But it can also be wonderful.  A few nights ago after an attempt to get Freya to sleep first went pear-shaped, I asked Clara if we could read books in her bed with Freya, and Clara happily agreed.  The two girls lay down side by side next to each other on the pillows.  I started to read a book to them and one silly look from Clara and Freya dissolved into laughter - which made Clara laugh - which made Freya laugh, and so on and so on.  It was a laugh riot at bedtime and I got a flash of what great friends these two are going to be. 
I guess Gerald and I have to accept the fact that Freya is in a big hurry to grow up...or at least in a big hurry to chase her sister all over the place.  We're looking forward to the next milestone, the first word, which at this rate might happen sometime next week.  Clara is insistent that Freya's first word will be: "Clara." I wouldn't be at all surprised.