Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Conversations with Clara and Freya Episode One.

Clara and Freya constantly amuse me with their conversation and comedy.  Both have a fabulous sense of humor and love to make people laugh.

Clara's Graduation from Kindergarten.

Freya continues to perfect her Banana, Orange Knock Knock Jokes.  She keeps me on my toes - changing up the punch lines.

Knock knock...Who's there? Strawberry.  Strawberry who?...Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

(I know...needs a little polishing.)

Freya finds a worm.

Clara has tried the old....Mom, Spell I Cup.  Me: I See You Pee. (Clara bursts out laughing - "You said pee!!!!!")

She followed up with: Spell Apple. 
Me: A-P-P-L-E. 

Shrieks of laughter.

Clara: You said PEE PEE!!!!!

So does Clara.

But here's where her comedy starts to get more sophisticated...

The girls were taking a bath the other night, playing happily. 

Clara calls out: Mom!  Mom! I really need you to come in here RIGHT NOW!

I walk in expecting a mess or something.

Me: What is it?

Clara: (deadpan serious) Mom - I really need you to tell me how to spell Apple.

Freya and Clara burst out laughing. 

Clara's first recital. 

Or the other night, while trying to get them in pajamas, both girls spontaneously create a new song to the tune of Frere Jacques -

"We're not sleeping!  We're not sleeping! We're awake!  We're awake!"

Freya in the playground.

Freya has also invented a dance she calls the "Ouchee Chihuahua Dance" which involves her dancing around her room, preferably unclothed, while sort of galloping and slapping her own butt while shouting: "Ouchee Chihuahua! Ouchee Chihuahua!"

Freya showing Clara how to be a Little Teapot.

We have a lovely babysitter named Alisha that the kids adore - she's very bohemian and is currently sporting blue hair.  She shared this conversation with Freya that she had the other day:

Freya: Alisha, you have poop on your arm.

Alisha: No I don't.

Freya: Yes you do Alisha, you have poop on your arm.

Alisha: Show me this supposed poop.

Freya points to Alisha's armpit - rocking the unshaved look.

Alisha: That's not poop.  That's hair.  I have hair there just like I have hair on my head.

Freya: Nooo...Alisha, poop isn't blue.  You're silly.

Fun in the sun.

Thanks girls for keeping our conversations lively and fun.

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