Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday. She noticed something on my ankle and said: "what's this?...oh - a teeny tattoo. That's cute - what is it? A little flower?"

Yes. I have a teeny blue flower tattoo on my ankle. I am officially cliché.

I got it when I was 23. A good friend was staying with me. It was her first time in New York City. She's very quiet and conservative.

We went to Caliente Cab Company around noon. Well, long story short - Three margaritas and six bowls of the free chips and salsa later,Kimberly said she wanted to get a tattoo. We started looking for a place to get them done.

A guy named Mad Dog etched the quaint, blue flower on my ankle.

Kim got a purple salamander on her hip above her butt.

Two sheets to the wind - both of us got tattoos of no real significance etched permanently on our bodies.

Hey - at least I didn't get a butterfly on the small of my back. That would have been REALLY cliché.

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urban goddess said...

OK, I admit it - I'm also a cliche! I have a dolphin tattoo on my right shoulder which I had done when I was 24 and rebelling against my middle-class, private school, suburban upbringing. Ironically, the fact that it's a dophin would probably act as a testament to my said middle-class, mediocre childhood. I often think of getting rid of it, although the pain and expense makes me wait until a) at some point, laser removal must become less excrutiating and b) as with most things, the longer you wait, the cheaper it gets...