Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I recently co-sponsored an alumni pub crawl - partnering with another college. We started at Hogs and Heifers in New York City (of Coyote Ugly fame) which, in hindsight (see picture) may not have been the BEST idea in the world.

The bartenders demanded that a female representative from each college get up on the bar or all of us would have to give up our bras. (see wall behind my dancing self)

My question is - who owns enough bras that the idea of taking one off and throwing it up onto the moose head at a honky tonk bar becomes a no-brainer? As soon as the options became clear I scrambled up on that bar tout suite. I had my favorite bra on - No way Jose.

Special thanks go out to the four dudes at the end of the bar who bought me a shot afterwards. I needed it.

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