Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Missed It!

Yesterday I decided it was time to install the safety guard in the window of Clara's room.  I set Clara down by her toy storage across the room.  She happily cooed to herself while pulling out toy after toy.  

I became engrossed with installing the window guard correctly - measuring and remeasuring.  Drilling pilot holes and finally attaching it.  I was so caught up in finishing the job that I didn't turn around to look at Clara for a couple of minutes.  I could still hear her happy little voice and that was fine.

As I attached the final piece of the window guard I was startled to feel a tiny tug on my pants leg.  I looked down - and THERE WAS CLARA!!!!  Her tiny fist tugging on my pants.  She was smiling up at me - totally unaware of the fact that she had just crawled across eight feet of floor space for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!

Needless to state, I dropped what I was doing,  swept Clara up in my arms and carried her around in a victory dance.  We then called her dad on the phone to relate the news.

Clara seemed inordinately pleased with herself.  I get distinct impression that she was waiting for me to turn my back in order to try out her new moves and surprise her Mama.

Well, little girl...mission accomplished.

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