Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Food

I knew I wanted to make all of Clara's food when she finally started to eat.  For the most part she loves everything.  Parsnips, carrots, peas, green beans, yellow and green squash, sweet potato, bananas, and apples.

There have been a couple of things she did not like.  I tried broccoli, thinking to myself "Hey, if I like broccoli....".  Little six month old Clara took one bite, made an absurdly cute "what the heck is this" face, and promptly projectile spit the broccoli all over her Mama, accompanied by a loud raspberry noise.  Clara is nothing if not totally clear about what she thinks.

I recently introduced Avocado and from the cross look on Clara's face I was bracing myself for another vegetable shower.  But after a moment's thought, Clara decided it wasn't so bad and swallowed it. I find a little banana mixed in with the avocado lightens up Clara's expression considerably.

But for the first time this week, I was put off by something I was feeding Clara.  Since she has only three teeth her food still has to be pretty smooth.  At nine months, she was ready to try meat.  I cooked up some ground chicken in some broth and threw it in the blender.  As I was portioning it out into my specialized one-ounce portion compartments  also knows as "ice cube trays" I  realized that blended-up ground chicken looks exactly like adult vomit.  Had I had a mouthful of anything at that moment I would have replicated Clara's projectile spit take.

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