Monday, February 03, 2014

The Wonderful World of a Toddler...What the @#!????

Is there anything more wonderful than watching a 19-month old explore a snowy wonderland?  How awesome was it that Clara got to be the first kid down this slide - covered in 5 inches of fluffy snow?  She slid down and laughed as she plopped into her own self-created pillow of snow.  Then she went down the other slide and laughed even harder.  It was fun chasing her around and lobbing snowballs at her that she would pick up and taste. And then I flash backed to the scene upstairs in the apartment a mere hour earlier.

I had received a call from work looking for some receipts.  As I talked at my desk, Clara was sitting on the floor to my right - in my extreme peripheral vision.  All seemed well.  She was babbling to herself.  I was on the phone for all of two minutes.  TWO MINUTES!  

I turned to my lovely little daughter and was greeted with:  Clara, no diaper on, holding out something to me which I quickly realized was a small, round piece of poop she had picked up from the big pile of poop she had just POOPED ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I scooped Clara up in my arms (ignoring the poop pile for the moment), brought her to the changing table, and cleaned her off.  All the while Clara happily said: P.U! P.U!

P.U. indeed, Clara.  P.U.

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