Thursday, January 30, 2014

So this just little Picasso.

Clara and I just got home from her visit with her Nana.  She went into her room and pointed to the blue tin of markers and her drawing pad and said: "Draw."

I took down the supplies and took the caps off the washable markers as she picked out colors.  Up until this instant Clara has been content to draw lines and squiggles and the occasional circle.  But today she was on a different mission.  First she used the green and the red and explained to me that it was a tree.  Then in the corner she drew some little shapes that she pointed to and kept saying: "Tweet. Tweet."  Birds.  Okay.  Then she drew with some yellow.  I asked her what it was and she said "House."  And surprisingly, it does sort of look like a house.  A yellow cave sort of a house.

I would have chalked this all up to an eager mom's misinterpretation but she returned to the drawing to point out her "tree," her "tweet tweet," and her "house."

I am floored.  You be the judge.

Clara's Drawing 1.30.14 

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