Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Just Happened!?

So this happened today while Clara was playing at my mother's house...

Without any prompting or encouragement, Clara stood up and let go of the furniture.  For a little over a minute she shook her hourglass toy while standing, perfectly balanced.  I felt like whooping and screaming but instead tried to imitate Clara's nonchalance. (I snapped these pictures with my cel phone when she wasn't looking) Here she is doing something amazing, something she has never done before, and she's cool as a cucumber.  Not only that, she ups the stakes by playing with a toy at the same time. 

After she finally sat down, my mother and I applauded.  Clara looked at us like: "Seriously?  You're clapping at this?  You guys are sooooo EASY."

I am amazed.


Anonymous said...

Next week she will be dancing!
With a boy!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That kid has coordination (and pose). I love it.

anazu said...

Clara, you're amazing!