Saturday, June 15, 2013


Clara will be one year old in a little over three weeks and she continues to amaze me and her dad on a daily basis.

Yesterday, while getting her ready to go out I said to Clara: "We're going to see you friend Amado and your friend Billie."  To which, Clara replied: "Billie!"  Does she actually know Billie's name?  Was she just repeating what she heard?  If so, I have never head her say anything close to those sounds before.

After I left for work this morning, Gerald was sitting in the glider chair in her room while Clara played with her toys.  Without any prompting from him, Clara picked up the chicken puzzle piece from her Melissa and Doug farm puzzle, held it up for her Daddy to see and said: "Cluck. Cluck. Cluck."

Needless to state, Gerald was thunderstruck and immediately called me to impart the news.  Now, Gerald and I do a lot of holding up the pieces for Clara and saying things like: "The cow goes Mooooo." But up until now it has been just the adults saying the "Baaaaaaas, Neighs, Oinks, and Cluck Clucks."  All I can say, is it is much more impressive when Clara does it.

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