Sunday, August 27, 2017

Conversations with Clara...Movie Night.

One of the best parts of having an older kid is introducing them to movies you loved as a kid.  The first one I tried with Clara was Labyrinth, and it went over like gangbusters.  Come on - strong protagonist young girl goes up against and defeats the Goblin King to save her baby brother? And the Goblin King is David Bowie?  Clara was going to love it - and she did and has now watched it ten times.

The other night we watched The Neverending Story.  Clara had some critiques about this movie from the beginning.

For example - when introduced to the Rock-eater, Tiny and his Racing Snail, and the Night-hob and his flying Bat,  Clara asked: Why are all the people in Fantasia so ugly?  Isn't this a fantasy?

Clara was also immediately impressed by the bravery of the child Atreyu. (I fast forwarded through the whole horse dying in the swamp part when Clara was in the bathroom)   I started to talk to her about how much I like Atreyu as a character, and she held up her hand to correct me.

Clara: "'s a girl."

Me: No - Atreyu is a boy."

Clara: No, she's a girl.

Clara never wavered on this point - never mind that Atreyu runs around most of the movie without a shirt on, only a loose vest.  I guess ladies in Fantasia have different ideas about modesty...and nipple coverage.

Clara also had some harsh words to say about the title of the film.  

Clara: Why is it called that? Where is the Neverending Story?  What does that even mean?  This movie should be called "The Wolf in Fantasia's Fight" or "The Nothing."

All strong points, Clara.

In the end, though, Clara absolutely loved the movie which made the little girl in me dance for joy.

I'm just waiting for Clara to be old enough for The Dark Crystal and The Last Starfighter. And of course, Newsies.

Clara teaching Freya how to Hide in "Hide and Seek"

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