Sunday, May 28, 2017

Clara as Big Sister.

It turns out that an unintended perk (consequence) of having two children is that the older one (Clara) is constantly teaching the littler one (Freya) to do things.

Positive examples are:

Clara has taught Freya to count to eleven.  Super cool.  Clara is currently hard at work teaching Freya the ABC's. 

Freya is also the most polite 21-month old in town because Clara has shown by example and Freya says: "No Thanks!" in place of "No!" and says "Thank-you" when handed something or helped out in some way.

Showing Freya some technology.
But Clara also encourages Freya's natural daredevil instincts.  At the playground I had been avoiding showing Freya how to climb up to the high, twisty slide meant for big kids.  Enter Clara - and all of a sudden the two sisters are whooping it up going down the big kid slide.

Come on, Freya!
First time, together. 
Second time, alone.

This has lead to early introductions to the chain-ladder climbing apparatus and the big kid swings.  (Thanks a lot, Clara.)

But in reality, despite my fears that my 21-month old has no fear, it's amazing to watch the 2 sisters love each other so much and want to be with each other.  Freya wants nothing more than to catch up to her big sister, and Clara is eager to help her try.

How to ride a motorcycle.

Big kid swings.

Just the other day I was leaving for work and Freya was upset.  She was worriedly crying but instead of walking over to me for a hug, she went over to her sister, took hold of her hand, and said: I love you, Clara.

She loves you right back, Freya. 

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