Sunday, October 19, 2014

Conversations with Clara. Episode Five.

Clara is closing in on being two and a half years old, she's not quite there yet but when you ask her how old she is she answers: "Two and a half!", or occasionally "I'm three!"

She also has a few new sayings, go-to expressions if you will.

ME: Clara, would you like to put your shoes on?
CLARA: I don't care. 

ME: Clara, I have to strap you into the stroller so you don't fall out.
CLARA: Mama, leave me alone. Don't touch me!


ME: Clara, want to see what's in this piece of  junk mail we just got out of the mailbox?

and periodically throughout the day, apropos of nothing...

CLARA: It's nice to see you, Mama. 
CLARA: My hair is beautiful.

A few days ago my friend Travis came over with his 2 daughters - Charlie(2 and a half) and Sylvie (one month).  Later that day, long after they left, Clara and I were chatting about the playdate.

ME: Clara, did you have a nice time with Charlie?
CLARA: Yeah!
ME:  Do you remember the baby's name?
CLARA: Sylvie!
ME: Do you remember the dad's name?
CLARA: (looking at me askance) Gerald.
ME: (laughs out loud)  Well that's true.

a few minutes later, as I was changing Clara...

CLARA: (smiles at me) Gerald.  (beat.) I'm so funny, Mama.

I love conversing with two year olds.

Clara, about to suggest a tea party.

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