Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Usually Clara goes to be by getting into her crib and drinking some milk why we sing her a few songs.  But last night Clara said: "Book...book."  I said okay and she ran over to her toys and picked up two dolls.  A baby doll and a little girl doll with a crinkly skirt..  Clearly, she wanted me to read to them too.

We got comfortable in the glider and I read her a few books.  At one point, I was reading the " If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." song, or poem or whatever it is.  Clara clapped a bit along with the reading.

Clara politely listened, then at the end of the song, she re-adjusted her pink baby, took her two tiny hands in hers, and made baby "clap."  It was so sweet.

She has never wanted dolls to read with her.  She has never made dolls clap.  Every moment is a new adventure.

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